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The PCman's Blog

Free Reference Request Letter Creator

Wow, time flies. It has been a while since we made a post but we just added a whole new creator program. Our Free Reference Request Letter Creator. This is what you can use if you need to ask your last boss for a reference. It has letters you can pick from then put in your info to make it easy to complete. smilie

Job Listing Updates

Nov 08, 2014
Made usability updates to our job search listing. Added the functionality to change the sorting order of your experience and education histories in our resume creator. smilie

Business Card and Letterhead Creator Updates

Oct 22, 2014
Added 17 new backgrounds to our business card creator and letterhead creator.

Site Updates

Sept 21 - Oct 15, 2014
Have gone through the whole site and performed visual as well as functional improvements to the design and content. Since we have been around for a long time we have many loyal visitors and we strive to provide new features for all to enjoy.

Resignation Letter Creator

March 19, 2014
To help people quit their old job after we have helped them to get a new better job we have created a free resignation letter creator to help you to write your resignation letter. It can use the same style, font and colors as your resume, etc., or you can create a new style and colors. smilie

Google +1 Button

Sept 19, 2013
Finally added a Google +1 button to the right side menu. If you like this site we would appreciate you giving us a +1. Thanks... smilie
Update Feb 22, 2019 Removed button due to the platform being shut down.

Post Interview Thank You Letter Creator

Aug 25, 2013
A new tool added to our resume creator system, our free thank you letter creator to help you write your post interview thank you letter to send to your interviewer. There are several letter templates to choose from that you can easily personalize to fit your situation. smilie

Free Web Templates

July 23, 2013
A new webmaster section was added to our free webmaster tools offerings. Our free web templates section contains css templates, flash templates and wordpress templates to help you design and build your website. The templates come in different colors and are based on popular themes so you will have no trouble finding one you will like. smilie

Site Design Update

May 27, 2013
The design of the site was updated today with a wider more spacious layout and a new color scheme. Additional changes will be made to update the graphics and artwork. A Facebook "Like" button was added to the side nav bar below the menu (Yeah, we know it's about time!) so if you would like to support us please "Like" us. Thank you to all who support the site! : ) smilie

Free Greeting Cards Creator Feature Update

March 11, 2013
We added the capability to print the free greeting cards instead with sending them if you choose. They are customizable, printable cards for those that choose to use snail mail. smilie

Resume Creator Feature Update

March 09, 2013
We added a new feature where you can choose the order of the sections on your resume. We have also made several other small modifications and improvements.

Games Update

February 18, 2013
We added many games to our games line up: smilie
Bean Hunter - collect the green beans that randomly pop up.
Bomb Jack - bounce and fly around to collect bombs before the cites explode.
Cat-Bat - hit the cats over the castle wall with a bat.
Fuel Transport - deliver the fuel to your base behind enemy lines.
Flash Golf - pitch n put 9 hole miniature golf course.
Kirby - inhales his attackers and spits them out.
Microlife - train, care for and protect the micromax creatures like pets.
Skateboarding - jump over obstacles and perform stunts to score points.
Short Bus Rampage - take revenge run everyone over with a bus.
Super Monkey Poop Fight - throw poop at monkeys and hunters trying to catch you.
Super Space Dog Fighting - defend your ship in a dog fighting scenario.

Resume Creator Feature Update

January 25, 2013
We added another template, style #7, to the resume creator, cover letter creator and reference page creator style choices. This is a new addition with several more coming soon.

Bizcard Creator Feature Update

November 12, 2012
We added another template, style #15, to the bizcard creator and letter head creator style choices. This will give our uses even more options.

Free Resume Creator Feature Update

September 16, 2012
I updated the resume sending feature available on your free resume creator member homepage. Check it out if you would like to create a free resume and post it online in our resume directory. smilie

Another Business Cards Creator Feature

September 16, 2012
We added the capability to select the number of cards printed in our business cards creator along with some other tweaks and minor updates. We are also in the process of making other new additions which will be reported as soon as they are completed.

New Business Cards Creator Features

September 08, 2012
I hope everyone had a nice peaceful Labor Day for those of us who live in the states. We recently added the feature to our free business cards creator to print double sided cards. Today I added the feature to print folded business cards. So you can check that out should you need some cards or if you just want to see how it works. smilie

You can also create some matching letterhead should you need it.

The PCman's First Blog

September 04, 2012
Yes, I know it's 2012 and I finally put our first blog on this site! I have been busy creating the content that all of our visitors use on a daily basis. It takes time to write a blog and create the content that goes into it, It seemed more important to work on improving the site, but I have felt for a long time this site should have a blog so here it is. smilie

I am also in the process of finally starting up a Facebook and Twitter page, it is better later than never. Upon setting up and finishing the Facebook and Twitter pages I will post links to them in case you wish to add us.

Over the past years I have been busy updating the site to reflect current trends. I have also been adding new features to our existing content and programs to better serve our visitors. It has been too long that we have gone without a blog to better communicate with our visitors about the new updates and features that The PCman Website provides. I appreciate all of the support shown by our visitors as it helps to motivate me to deliver more free services to our visiting friends. smilie

I will be writing about the updates and improvements that are made to our programs so if you use one of those programs you can gain the benefit of the improvements. As always we welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have. If you use one of our programs or one of our other services and you think of something you would like added or improved I do take your input into consideration. You can contact us here to tells us about your ideas.

New features are always added so check back often.

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