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Advertising Campaign Ordering

Place your business message in front of the world! We offer effective, very low cost website advertising solutions that enable advertisers to place their banners on our site in various key locations. We can also answer any technical support questions you might have.

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Advertise With Us
Advertise With UsThe PCman's Advertising Program - Campaign Ordering

Campaign Ordering

Depending upon your advertising experience the word Campaign might sound like a big expensive undertaking, which for large companies it can be. A Campaign can be as simple as showing one banner. Service is purchased per 1000 impressions with a 100,000 impression minimum. Your ads can be setup to start and stop between two dates that you choose.

We can serve the ads from our server for no additional bandwidth or serving charges. A 10% BONUS is given for a 250,000+ impression purchase giving a total of 275,000 impressions. We will contact you to obtain your ad media and target URLs then upon our approval of your ad we will send you the URL to the payment page. Upon verification of payment we will issue your Control Panel user name / password and any other information needed to correctly serve your ads. Our liability is limited to the purchase price of your Campaign. As with all internet sites in existence from time to time there are intermittent service interruptions. Our program is Cost Per Impression if the site service is interrupted no pages or ads will be displayed so you don't lose anything. As this is a normal occurrence on the web, nothing is being lost so credit will not be issued for these intermittent interruptions. The alt attribute is not used for ad images. Ad clicks cannot be guaranteed as they are based on how well your ad is designed and how desirable your product or service is to the viewing public.

Bonus: Order now and receive an additional 25,000 impressions free when you purchase 250,000 impressions.


How to Order
At the present time this program has been placed on hold. Select your ad format. Enter the number of impressions you wish to order. The comma and last 3 zeros have already been provided just enter the number of thousands. Each ad ordered is considered a separate campaign, if you require more banners in your campaign rotation they are ordered as another campaign. When your payment has been confirmed we will contact you via email to obtain your ad media and give you your Control Panel login information.

Select Your Ad and Supply Ad Info
We have abandoned our old ordering form due to spam and now correspond via email in response to your inquiry. Please contact us regarding your order using this new form. We will obtain your information and move forward with your campaign.

150 X 180
Rectangle, 15Kb file size limit, unlimited looping, to be placed in our Site Features bar on all pages with nav bar.

468 X 60
Banner, 15Kb file size limit, unlimited looping, choice of placement at the top or bottom on all pages. Less cost for bottom of pages.

728 X 90
Leaderboard, 20Kb file size limit, unlimited looping, placement at the top of all pages.

Join The PCman Website Advertising Program today!

New features are always added so check back often.

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