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Sonic drive inConover,NC
carhopJuly, 2005 til June 2011
  • Delivering great customer service, remembering customers names, speedy service on rollerskates and dealing with cash transactions.
Pierre FoodsClaremont, NC
wrapperNovember,2010 til March, 2011
  • Wrapping 20 food items per minute. Fast paced environment meeting orders correctly and cleaning work area.
Catawba Valley knittingConover, NC
packer inserterJuly 2011
  • Packing socks inspecting them and rushing to get orders out.
Sonic driive inlincolnton,NC
carhop leaderJanuary 2005 til July 2005
  • Cash transactions, making sure every customer left happy and help resolve customer issues while being reponsible for the other carhops.
Lincolnton HihhLincolnton NC
Cornerstone Christian Accademy
Art Instruction school
2 semester credits