Resume for Member #2971Resume for Member #2971
Resume for Member #2971


Resume for Member #2971
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Resume for Member #2971


Address Not Published Online
Norwalk, OH 448857
Phone Not Published Online
Cell Not Published Online
KimberlyStevensJohnson AT hotmail DOT com

  • To secure employemnt utilizing the skills I currently posess as well as keep the door open for new knowledge, growth and advancement.

  • Administrative Dutuies
  • Legal Research Reports, Pleadings JE, A/P, A/R, Collections,
  • PC Troubleshooting,
  • Yr End Reviews,
  • Post Payments BalanceBooks,
  • Process payroll and CSEA payments
  • Correspondance and Communication with Underwritters
  • Implemented NASA Management System and utilized system for various reports to lower Loss ratio and grow Books of Business,
  • Word, Excell Powerpoint,

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