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free hotlinking prevention test .htaccess

FREE Hotlinking Prevention Test

free hotlinking prevention test

FREE Hotlinking Prevention Test after you use our free generator to create your hotlinking prevention code you can test it's ability to keep people from linking to your files and stealing bandwidth. hotlinking prevention can be a big problem but placing a .htaccess file that you can create for free on our site will make it much easier to solve. You can use our free hotlinking prevention test to verify that you correctly configured and installed the .htaccess file on your server. The configuration is all done by our creator and installation is a simple matter of uploading the renaming the file. This hotlinking prevention scheme is meant to be used with a unix, linux or free bsd server running apache web server software.

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The PCman's FREE Hotlinking Prevention Test
Get the code by using our Hot Linking Stopper follow the instructions then
come back here to test it. If you already have it set up then proceed to test it.

Enter the URL to the file you want to test.
Test URL:

File type: (Choose the applicable file type)
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Troubleshooting Advice

If it doesn't work make sure your web server is of the Unix, Linux, Free BSD variety with Apache web server software installed.

If that is ok make sure you uploaded and renamed the htaccess.txt to .htaccess.

Check with your web host to see if you have the ability to use .htaccess on your web server.

For redirects redirect to the same type of file you are trying to block.

If you can't access files on your own site check that you entered the correct address in the Permitted URL box.

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