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Edit Your Resume Online anytime you wish with our simple to use resume editor. Make unlimited changes, edit your resume online, pick and choose your options, no fees or memberships required. Our exclusive editing system is the easiest way to edit your resume and the best part is there is no cost to do so.

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edit your resume
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Edit Your Resume

Simply open your myresume-edit-file.htm, that you downloaded when you made your resume, by double clicking on it. The edit file will open into your web browser where you will see a page with an easy instruction to click the edit button at the bottom of that page. After you click the edit button, you will be brought to this page where your data will be loaded into the free resume creator system, enabling you to edit your resume as needed.

Unless you become a member, where your data is stored in the database, using the provided edit file is the only way to re-enter your resume data back into the free resume creator without re-typing it again. When you created your resume you where given the option to download your resume, to print the resume and also to download the edit file. If you failed to download the edit file you can still edit your resume but you will have to manually re-enter all of your data. There is no way around this since as a non-member we respect your privacy so your information was not stored. Please do not ask for support on this issue as there is nothing we can do to remedy this problem. After you manually re-enter your data, this time ensure that you do download the edit file.

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edit your resume

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