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computer quiz

Computer Quiz Online

computer quiz online

Computer Quiz test your knowledge of computer hardware, see how many questions can answer correctly. There are many online computer quiz, test yourself on computer hardware, specs, components. Try our online computer quiz to test your computer knowledge by providing the correct answers to our quiz questions. We have many different quizes on various computer subjects. The PCman online computer quiz.

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computer quiz
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This is Quiz: Number 1

Please answer the following 10 questions and then press the Mark Quiz button below.

  1. Which is the best choice for a specification for a video card?

  2. What does the term "wave table synthesis" relate to?

  3. Which frequency is a DDR3 RAM clock speed?

  4. What piece of hardware do SATA cables connect to?

  5. What is the name of the spec for the holes in a monitor's aperture grill?

  6. To be bootable a primary partition must be:

  7. Which is the best hard disk seek time?

  8. Which is a PCIe 16X duplex bus speed?

  9. What is the data transfer rate for USB 2.0?

  10. Which do you use to comment out a line in the autoexec.bat file?

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The PCman Website Computer Quiz 1
computer quiz

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